Thursday, September 13, 2012

Career Paths in Driver Training

The green badge of the approved driving instructor is a very strong qualification to have. With additional training it can be used to work in many different teaching environments. For most instructors, training people to pass the learner test is their main role but trying something different can make for a more interesting working week.

Every learner must take the driving theory test so offering tuition for this makes good business sense. Setting up classroom facilities may be easy but getting enough learners in one place at the same time is very difficult to organise. Producing study aids at home to guide pupils through the syllabus is a good way to structure their learning and perhaps charge a higher lesson price.

Fleet driver training can open up many new interesting paths. It is advantageous for an instructor to be included on the fleet trainers register as this acts as a guarantee of basic minimum competence. Training drivers in the workplace can be a greater challenge than teaching learners. Clients will have attitudes and habits ingrained through years of driving and a high degree of diplomacy is needed when addressing these issues.

The same type of training can be conducted via the safe and fuel efficient driving programme which is aimed at drivers of commercial vehicles. It would be necessary for an instructor to have had some experience of driving vans and lorries, preferably under working conditions to understand the stress that daily effects such drivers.

With further training an instructor could work in the field of community transport. Assessment of minibus drivers is an important part of this field. The instructor would need to ensure that the driver can carry passengers safely by displaying a very high standard of driving. The ability to engage with the public is essential for such drivers as well as a patient and helpful attitude. Drivers who transport groups such as the elderly or disabled will have to understand the needs of these particular clients. The assessor would definitely need experience in this field.

Training can be conducted for safety and economy awareness driving, which is becoming increasingly popular in the commercial sector. This is a less specialist form of training but the instructor may only deliver training for the categories shown on their driving license. If an instructor has another category other than car this could be an interesting and lucrative area to become involved in.

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