Thursday, August 16, 2012

Staying Safe - Security For Driving Instructors

In a career that mainly comprises of working alone in the presence of strangers it pays for driving instructors to be security conscious. Most are paid straight after the lesson in cash. If pupils pay for a block of lessons that can result in a lot of money being kept in the car. It is easy to put the cash in a coat on the back seat but be aware, people have had money stolen by others who open the rear door when the car is waiting at stop lights and make off with the coats. Always keep cash on you so as to prevent this type of theft.

Many instructors use a satellite navigation device to locate the address of new pupils before putting it away in the glove box before the lesson starts. Be aware that the ring marking left on the windscreen after removal shows that you have a device and thieves will assume it has been left in the glove box. It's a good idea to wipe the windscreen after removing the device.

In some areas driving school cars have been prone to vandalism whilst practising manoeuvres. People assume that the driving school car is not actually owned by the instructor making vandalism less of a personal issue. In many cases the car is owned by the instructor who must stand the cost of any repairs or insurance claim. Be careful what areas you work in and if an area has a bad reputation then avoid working there.

As driving school cars are liveried in order to be noticed be careful what information you display on it. It may not be wise to put your personal address and phone number on there. Instead give only the areas you work in and keep a separate business number to display on the car. Always keep your instructors licence with your photo pointing inwards on the windscreen.

In winter, instructors work during the hours of darkness which can be an issue for female instructors. Take care where you pick pupils up and always try to make it as public as possible. Most lessons are conducted on a one to one basis but occasionally a pupil may wish to bring some one along to observe from the back seat. If this is a new pupil you have not met before and the passenger is not their relative and has no real reason for being there, you may refuse to take the passenger. Instructors do not like to put off new business but if you don't feel comfortable with the situation then don't do it.

Driving instruction is generally a safe career with the chance to meet a lot of interesting new people. Security problems are very rare but it always pays to be careful.

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